BluIP: Enterprise VoIP Redefined

BluIP: Enterprise VoIP Redefined

Steven Norris, VP Sales & Marketing, BluIPSteven Norris, VP Sales & Marketing
Steven Norris, VP Sales & Marketing at BluIP, has been in the VoIP space since 1998 and has witnessed and participated in the dramatic changes that have occurred over the last few years. Changes like Telecom PRI/T1 Services being discontinued by the top 3 US Tier 1 carriers in 2019; Microsoft shifting from Lync premise PBX to Skype for Business Cloud PBX; Cisco shifting from selling HCS to VARs/Service Providers to their new Cisco controlled Cloud offering, known as Spark; and the market uncertainty and opportunity created with Avaya filing for Chapter 11.

As a result of these market dynamics, large and medium enterprises in many verticals like Healthcare, Hospitality, Banking, and other multi-national enterprises have been forced to take a wait and see position as the industries and enterprise VoIP solutions evolve or CIO/CTOs jump in and forklift their entire Voice Network.

BluIP, a Las Vegas-based Cloud Communications Service Provider offers a retail & white label solution to large enterprises direct, thru VARs, Interconnects, and Service Providers. The enterprise grade Cloud Applications (Hosted UC/PBX, SIP trunking, Call Centers etc.) are deployed in high availability geo-redundant data centers. BluIP maintains 12 peering partners, instead of the typical 1 or 2 BGP peering partners used by competitors, which provides an “On-Net” experience and guarantees voice prioritization QoS over the enterprise’s existing data network. The company also offers an OSS/BSS management interface that enables white label resellers to private label, order, provision, monitor, test, and provide an integrated bill for the cloud/hosted & network services. “Most OSS/BSSs we looked at or started with six years ago were either made for retail OR wholesale, but not both and none offered us a comprehensive solution to rapidly introduce new services and products.”

BluIP and our white label partners are able to “bubble wrap” the legacy PBX (Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft Lync, etc.) environment and systematically deploy modern Cloud/Hosted solutions in mid and large enterprises

To further differentiate, BluIP has a development and integration group that allows them to create vertically focused web, mobile and application integrations in a rapid manner. Workforce productivity and cost reducing solutions like Salesforce integration, Microsoft Skype for Business integration, and Mobile applications for Hotels or Hospitals are some of the more popular existing applications.

Today’s enterprise CTO and CIO’s are wrestling with legacy PBX challenges along with what, when, and how to leverage and outsource network functions to the cloud. “BluIP and our white label partners are able to “bubble wrap” the legacy PBX (Avaya, Cisco, etc.) environment and systematically deploy modern Cloud/Hosted solutions in mid and large enterprises,” explains Norris. “Once the legacy environment is integrated into BluIP’s network, we can deploy cloud solutions based on the Enterprise’s financial priorities (e.g. cost reduction) or solution needs, such as augmenting incomplete cloud PBX solutions (e.g. Microsoft SFB/ Lync), replacing Call Centers, Auto Attendant, Application Integrations, or even Encrypting IP Phones, Faxes or SIP Trunks,” Norris added.