Threshold Communications: VoIP Technology at its Best

Threshold Communications: VoIP Technology at its Best

Rick Crabbe, President, Threshold CommunicationsRick Crabbe, President
In the current digital epoch, as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or internet telephony is gaining momentum, businesses are increasingly looking out for seamless and affordable communication solutions that enable data connectivity efficiently.

Being a VoIP technology enabler, Threshold Communications ties internet or private transport connectivity with hosted PBX frameworks to provide advanced and cost-effective voice and data services, including SIP Trunking, Dial Tone, and Toll-Free Services. They help small and medium-sized businesses achieve improved network efficiencies, cost reductions for WAN networking and adopt latest SIP enabled applications. With over 16 years of expertise in the telecom space, Rick Crabbe, President, Threshold says, “Historically, companies implementing traditional phone systems (PBX) onsite or “Non-Hosted” tended to spend a lot of money for the equipment needed for the phone system to get up and running, plus annual maintenance and feature licenses. This option also required having someone on staff that could operate and manage simple day to day moves and changes. Every 5-7 years a company would then be pushed into procuring new and more updated equipment that the vendor required to continue supporting the clients phone system. It was an expensive revolving door and very difficult for management to budget around. “By migrating to our cloud infrastructure, customers can access an all-in-one solution at an affordable price significantly reducing traditional CAPEX and OPEX costs associated with ownership of a PBX,” says Crabbe.

Threshold offers next generation solutions to address the specific needs of their clients while enabling companies to utilize telephony feature sets like, IVRs and Queues, call recordings and CDRs, Follow me, and wave files to voicemail for simplifying their business operations. “Our full-feature sets are constantly upgraded in our hosted PBX solutions as per client requests and their changing requirements,” states Crabbe.

By migrating to our cloud infrastructure, customers can access a turnkey voice and data solution at an affordable price

The solution being geo-redundant in nature, power failures or location changes do not affect phone systems, which helps contact centers and BPOs to function without interruptions.

To further enhance call systems, Threshold integrates Statistical Process Control (SPC) into their VoIP solution as a primary tool to improve call quality and reduce process variation. “This acts as a ‘firewall for voice’, allowing our customers to control process services, employing robust analytics to assess call quality,” remarks Crabbe.

Threshold’s expert engineers and technical staff provide enterprise-class support in the seamless migration of IP telephony environments with minimal IT staff. As a testimony to Threshold’s mastery in the VoIP landscape, Crabbe recalls the success story of a Retail company who benefitted with Threshold’s advanced hosted PBX and SIPtrunking. With over 600 users and 26 locations across U.S., the customer wanted to migrate to a hosted PBX system, in addition to setting up a data infrastructure to avail the benefits of other core business apps in all their facilities. However, they were understaffed in their technology group to make this possible. As they approached Threshold, they seamlessly migrated the client’s sites to hosted PBX platforms along with upgrading their nationwide data infrastructure from 10Megabit to 100Megabit circuits within 3 months. “With multiple carriers integrated into their facilities, they had much more bandwidth and carrier diversity for redundancy, each location has a carrier A and B loop all provided by Threshold,” adds Crabbe.

The company, moving forward, is constantly evolving with new ideas being integrated into their solutions to make communications platforms efficient. “‘Bringing our voice solutions and Global WAN aggregation points to carrier hotel SD WAN Market places,” notes Crabbe. Threshold is also investing toward deploying new and improved systems including wireless WAN solutions in the days to come.